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Aug 22, 2019
Five Customer Service Centers Renewed Prestigious Blue Seal of Excellence Awards and Four additional Blue Seal locations have been granted
Lisle, IL —Durham School Services and National Express are pleased to announce that five separate locations have been granted renewal of the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Blue Seal of Excellence.
In addition four new locations have been awarded the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Blue Seal of Excellence. ASE awarded the Blue Seals to our maintenance teams at the end of July.
The maintenance teams in Temple Hills, MD, Antioch, IL, Macomb, IL, Boston, MA, and Everett, WA have all been granted annual renewal. Tucson, AZ, Elmwood Place, OH, Grass Valley, CA, and Pickerington, OH are all newly qualified for the Blue Seal of Excellence this past month, signifying their dedication to their craft and maintenance excellence.
The Blue Seal of Excellence is awarded to maintenance teams that are comprised of the highest trained technicians, who continuously work to better their knowledge and skills, while being at the forefront of industry standards. A minimum of 75% of technicians must be ASE Certified at each location and must have ASE certified technicians in each area of service performed.
“It speaks to the dedication and skill of these maintenance teams that they collectively worked to achieve such a high standard”, said John Finn, Senior Vice President of Maintenance at National Express. “When our buses are working at their best it allows the entire business to provide safe and timely service to the areas that we serve.”
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