Special Safety Programs

Our Safety Program is comprehensive, from hiring to employee recognition to daily protocols and procedures to ensure all students are safe at all times when in our care.

Employee Hiring and Evaluating

Candidates for employment must pass a motor vehicle records check, criminal background check, reference check, employee safety behavior risk assessment, drug screen, and a structured interview before even being considered for training. All employees have a mandatory driving evaluation, annually.

Safety Recognition

Recognizing employee for safe performance is an honor and privilege. Employees with accident-free records are acknowledged. Annually, we recognize drivers who have accident-free records through our safety recognition program, awarding drivers and monitors certificates, pins and accolades for safe performance.

We constantly challenge employees to be the best of the best. Following our annual Safety Challenge, we honor our customer service centers that have reduced preventable street accidents and work-related injuries with our School Bus Maintenance Safety Awards.

Durham partners with school bus manufacturers to support the Safety Challenge.

Child Check

Our Child Check System is dedicated to making sure that students are transported to and from school safely. We require drivers to thoroughly check a bus at the end of each route and prior to leaving the bus to make sure that every child has exited the bus.

Our Child Check policy requires a slow, deliberate walk from the front of the bus to the back, checking for children in and under every seat. We have a zero tolerance policy, and failure to follow this policy — even if a child was not left unattended — will lead to disciplinary action. In addition, drivers may place a Child Check sign in the center back window to indicate that the bus has been checked and is empty. The driver is the only person who may display or remove this sign and they take this responsibility very seriously!

Safety stats