Your Partner in Special Education

Wheelchair and monitor

Because of the nature of special needs transportation, open communications and a cooperative approach between parents, students, teachers, drivers, special education supervisors, transportation supervisors and monitors is key to help ensure that safe, reliable and efficient services are provided. Once an Individual Education Plan (IEP) team has determined that a student with special needs will require transportation as a related service, routing becomes an important part of the student’s success equation.

Our aim is to support each special needs student’s educational goals and to make each trip to and from school as pleasant and uneventful as possible. As expert providers in special needs transportation, our team can help make sure that the education locations, equipment and vehicle needs, personnel needs, pick up points, drop off points and times, will be taken into proper consideration.


We understand that your district’s special needs transportation requirements are unique to each of our student and that requirements often change. The span and depth of our operations combined with our decades of experience makes us well prepared to adapt to your district’s needs. Whether making changes in routes to customized training to procuring new equipment, we have the expertise to provide what you need.

  • Customized training based on student needs
  • Participation in district-provided training
  • Driver assignment based on student needs
  • Ongoing communications with district personnel (and parents)
  • Transportation expertise at IEP meetings